Safari Boot

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Product Detail:

Safari Boot is an Africa boot made with pure leather from Tanzania, the shoe is a hand made product made localy with the aim of bringing Africa culture to the world.

Safari boot is among the most comfortable leather boots you can buy. Safari boot is durable and is available in different style and in various color. It’s also one of the toughest, yet most pliable of the exotic leathers. It has a high resistance to drying, cracking and stiffness. Caring for them properly will ensure they remain supple and last you for a long time.

To extend the life of your Safari boots and keep them looking great, it’s important to clean and treat them on a regular basis:

  • Remove all the loose dirt and dust with a soft cloth or soft brush.
  • Do not use any household cleaning materials, chemicals or abrasive products.
  • If the boots get wet, allow them to dry naturally away from sunlight in a cool airy place.
  • If you get grease on the leather, sprinkle the stain with a light layer of talcum powder and let it sit for an hour. Brush off with a clean dry cloth.
  • Other stains should be wiped off with a damp, not wet, soft cloth as soon as possible.
  • Between outings, store your boots in a cool dry place, in the cloth bag provided. Do not store in a plastic bag.
  • If the soles wear out they can be replaced easily.

Safari boot is available in different size 40-45.