Nairobi Sky Nanjala Tribute Pot

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Product Detail:

The Nairobi Sky Nanjala Tribute Pot is a beautiful pot for displaying fresh cut flowers or growing plants in. It's handcrafted in Nanyuki, Kenya, the country's leading location for high quality natural clay.

This fine light blue planter is made using a traditional hand-thrown technique of moulding and fired bisque in high temperatures of over 800 degrees Celsius. The pots are then hand finished using quality gloss glaze from Italy and then fired again to give that lustre smooth colouration.

Crafted by expert ceramists, Nanjala Tribute Pots are long lasting, indoor-outdoor durable and environmental friendly.

The 3D Nanjala stamp celebrates the craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity in moulding a world class terracotta pot by local Kenyan artisans.

*Each pot is hand finished; some variation in colour and texture should be expected. Due to the porous quality of natural clay, item will change colour or patina over time from exposure to water, handling and salts found in soil.


A tribute to Nanjala's love for authentic design and gardening. One-of-a-kind, expertly crafted. Moulded by hand, packaged with love, in Kenya.

Measurement: 17 cm height, 13 cm diameter
Pot has hole at the bottom
Plant not included