Mavis Pen & Igbo Talking Book

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Product Detail:

A great way to learn Igbo with audio from the Mavis Talking Pen.

The Mavis Talking Book consist of a digital pen (Mavis Pen) and a specially printed book (Mavis Book). The Mavis Books work with the Mavis Pen. When the pen touches anywhere on the book, the pen reads out the corresponding audio. Our Mavis Talking Books make learning languages really fun with interactive words, rhymes, sentences, stories, songs, games, quizzes and more.

NB: One Mavis Pen can work with up to 100 Mavis Books.

Each language book has 20 chapters and 60+ pages.

Suitable for children and adults.

Suitable for beginners.


1x Mavis Pen (digital pen)

1x English to Igbo Talking Book

1x Wall charger for the Mavis Pen

1x USB Cable (for updates and charging)

1x Earpiece

1x Quick User Guide

Watch this video to see how the Mavis Pen and Book work: