About Us

Business is flourishing across Africa. Innovative designers and craftspeople are creating stunning, world class products using traditional and cutting edge techniques. But for most African businesses finding new markets and connecting to new customers can be daunting and expensive. For the individual searching for that unique treasure, finding and purchasing from an African enterprise can feel like an uncertain transaction a world away. Until now!

MarketPlaceAFRICA.com was created to take the complexity and uncertainty out of buying direct from craftspeople and small enterprises. With the patented technology of an award-winning global e-commerce retailer, our platform, app, and payment system allow online consumers to shop directly from African small businesses, select from familiar payment methods, and have the products shipped to their home with confidence that their payment is secure.

We are a global team, based in Africa, USA, and Europe, passionate about fostering the success of small African enterprises by bringing their work and creative genius to all corners of the world through an easy-to-use e-commerce platform. Buying from MarketPlaceAFRICA.com offers a direct connection to generate sustainable growth for African small enterprises.

If you carry a passion for anything African Made, join us to celebrate, enjoy and share the traditions you love and exciting new trends. If the richness and quality of products from Africa are new to you, welcome! We invite to you to explore the diversity, the complex culture, and the stunning beauty of all that African entrepreneurs have to offer the world.